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Info on the posts

So, if you read my Profile you'll see that I said that my sister and I are sharing the same  Lj...

She'll be posting maybe next month or sooner....

So, to not make it confusing to those who read the entries in my journal me and my sister will be doing something....

If you see a post that has a User Icon of any Japanese People (meaning Japanese actors, seiyuu, etc) then that's me posting ^_^
and if the User Icon is an Anime (meaning any Anime character) icon then it'll be my sister posting :>
Please don't get confused and please don't get mad and say things like "Why don't they just make separate Lj accounts?" or something like that.....
Because the reason that my aneki doesn't want separate Lj accounts is because she won't be posting that much...so she said it's fine just to make one account.....


Black Pearl has been finally subbed!!!

(Click the picture to be directed to the download links)

Credits to the members of kurosainosa please show them your love and comment your thanks for their hard work.
I will be fangirling for a while now~


ok, so whiskers3621 asked if there're people who can help in subbing THIS:

She has the Chinese subs for the play but I don't think they have translators. So if anyone can help her, speak now and you shall be forever loved by me and all the AMUSE fans who love this play. hahaha....LOL!

But seriously, can anyone help? If you can please message her. I know there're lots of people who wants this to be subbed too~
Please spread the news so that we could find someone who can help in subbing this play

Thank you, MINNA

THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!! I'm sorry I can't reply to everyone's comment one by one. But really, everyone is so nice.
Unfortunately being sad is really bad for me. When I woke up this morning I vomitted and now I have a fever =_=. This is the reason why I can't reply to anyone's comments...I get dizzy when I stay in front of the computer too long.

Anyways, THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE!!! This really cheered me up a little^^



Actually what I'm gonna post is about me crying at school...

....so you guys might not be interested or whatever
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Anyways, here I am...about to cry *again* and I really need to be comforted. Or hugged whatever is good
I just need to feel that there are people around me who actually cares


So HAPPY that I could die^^

It's an early b-day present for myself:
Arrow up says that I'll marry that person above: Takkun♥
Arrow down says our child will look like this: Ryoma Echizen

the BEST thing that has happened on my dash


Okay so I'm currently uploading TAKERU TV vol. 3 on MEGAUPLOAD....does anyone want the download link?


Just look at how he greeted everyone
So cute!!!!

*ahem* Anyway, next thing on the agenda.....
Tumblr.....well I made a Tumblr account around last month. And well, I NEED TO FOLLOW MORE POT/Amuse fans!!!!!!!!
Seriously, I need to see more blog posts of them when I look at my DASHBOARD.
So does anyone want a follower??? I'm here for 'ya. Well, that is as long as you post about POT/Amuse

And last......
For all the people who have been checking in on me. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!
Everyone's feelings have reached my wounds and because of this I am almost healed XD
No seriously, I was very touched to when there were people who were worried about me. Seriously I LOVE YOU GUYS! 'Cuz well, you see, I posted this on Facebook as well and my friends didn't give a damn about me :< (Some friends they are) Well, there were 2 guys who asked what happened to me. The first one greeted me and told me to get better soon but the other one made me angry to the max. That person got angry at me because well I was absent from school when she really needed someone to teach her about the Math lesson. People come to me for these kinds of things because I'm good at math. But seriously, can't she just be considerate for one second and think about how I feel for once. Honestly, I HATE THOSE KINDS OF PEOPLE. And because of that we aren't even talking to each other in school.

That's why I appreciate everyone's words for me. Seriously guys, THANK YOU. I really thought that I was a peice of nothing in this planet whose only reason for living was to be a teacher (I DON'T EVEN WANT TO BECOME A TEACHER IN THE FIRST PLACE!) and the people who I teach don't even care abput what happens to me.


Almost better :D

Okay, so first thing on the agenda. My bones are ALMOST okay. It still hurts to laugh though. But anyways,

I honestly thought that no one would care about that HIATUS thing. I'm so touched T^T

Thank you everyone and yes I am slowly recovering. Actually, even in the hospital, the doctors said that I was lucky. There were no major fractures and there was no imact on my head. So technically I'm LUCKY ^_^

Anyway, my aneki told me that I still shouldn't force myself too much since everytime I get worked up I get dizzy.
*sigh* This was bad timing because there's an anime convention this saturday and we REALLY want to go.
I hope my bones get alright by that time

Anyway, THANKS EVRYONE, even though I can't do much I'm slowly getting better.


Day 26-A group of artists that looks like they are a family

TakiEijiXKimeru w/ their son Yanagi! hahaha....they loooooook so cute right? The daddy and the mommy of 1st cast Seigaku and of course Ryoma. *sigh* Seriously, they look like a family

Sorry the talk about the meme will be this short only and time for some announcements :D

Last Friday about 11:30 I was sent to the hospital because well.....I fell down the stairs....hahaha
Actually, it was because of my fever...

Here's the story:
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So in other words:

*sigh* Hopefully I'll be back next week. I'll have to abandon my meme and aiwatakuya for a while T_T